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Overview of Business Operations

Serba Dinamik is an international energy services group providing engineering solutions to the O&G, and power generation industries with operational facilities in Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, Bahrain and UK. Within engineering solutions, we provide O&M services and undertake EPCC works. As an international energy services group, we have customers in geographical locations within Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkmenistan, India, Middle East region and UK.

Business Units under Serba Dinamik are:

  • Operation & Maintenance
    • MRO
    • IRM
  • EPCC
  • Other products and services
    • Provision Of Technical Training
    • Provision Of ICT Solutions And Services
    • Supply Of Products And Parts
Operation & Maintenance [O&M]

Services offered under O&M:

  • MRO of rotating equipment, which includes gas and steam turbines, engines, motors, pumps, compressors and industrial fans
  • IRM of static equipment and structures, which includes boilers and unfired pressure vessels, piping systems and structures
  • Maintenance of process control and instrumentation

Services offered under EPCC:

  • Installation of piping systems
  • Installation of rotating and static equipment
  • Installation of power generation equipment and plants
  • Development of infrastructure
  • Construction of amenities and buildings