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EPCC Overview


Generally, EPCC comprises the following four major functions:

  • Engineering: This portion of work requires engineering capabilities relating to the specifications of the total project including individual equipment and structures.
  • Procurement: This portion of the work involves obtaining supply of all raw materials, products and other items needed to construct or fabricate the project. The procurement function aims to obtain supplies in a timely manner, cost effectively and complying with product, service and quality specifications.
  • Construction: This portion of the work relates to the construction or fabrication of all products, parts and components and integrating them to an operational unit, facility or plant that meets all product, quality, safety and engineering specifications.
  • Commissioning: This is the final portion of the project work, where the completed product or project is tested and installed and if required integrated to other facilities or operations before it is finally commissioned for live operations.
EPCC Works


Our EPCC works include the following:

  • installation of piping systems;
  • installation of rotating and static equipment;
  • installation of power generation equipment and plants;
  • development of infrastructure; and
  • construction of amenities and buildings.

In addition, we carry out other EPCC related works including design, supply and installation of process control and instrumentation, and auxiliary power generation and firefighting systems.

Process control and instrumentation

Under EPCC, we provide design, supply and installation of process control and instrumentation to a wide range of industries including O&G, power generation, manufacturing, water utility, wastewater treatment, airport, railway and marine vessels.

Our core strengths in process control and instrumentation is based on our ability to configure and programme process control systems and to link them to instrumentation devices. In the provision of process control and instrumentation, our full spectrum of work includes the following:

  • identifying and specifying the total system or sub-system (for example, SCADA system);
  • procuring devices and software (SCADA, PLC, Instrumentation, Actuators, Final Control Elements, and software operating and application systems);
  • programming the PLC to control and automate the processes;
  • install utilities (for example, power and communications);
  • integrating all devices, utilities and systems;
  • installing the products and system; and
  • testing and commissioning the system.