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ICT solutions and services
The provision of ICT solutions and services are undertaken by our subsidiaries Serba Dinamik IT and Telegistics Asia. Serba Dinamik IT is principally involved in ICT software and solutions providing mainly industrial ICT applications, while Telegistics Asia is involved in the provision of internet and mobile application solutions for corporate customers.


Industrial ICT applications

Through our subsidiary, Serba Dinamik IT, we have developed a suite of software packages for industrial applications which are sold either to customers on a standalone basis, packaged with other IT software solutions, or packaged together with our O&M and EPCC contracts. Serba Dinamik IT is an MSC Status company in recognition of its research, development and commercialisation of in-house developed software applications namely, AlignSoft and myPLANT.

The description of some of our software and their applications are set out below:

Plant O&M
Brief Description
Alignment Tool System (AlignSoft) ·Solve critical alignment problems quickly, efficiently and economically
·Assist in performing precision alignment tasks, produce reports, and keep track of such alignment records
Plant Monitoring System (myPLANT) ·For operation and maintenance personnel to record, monitor and manage plant equipment information
·Analyse and use of recorded data to predict the timing for plant maintenance
Risk Based Inspection System (Smart Inspector) ·For use by fired and unfired pressure vessels
·Ensure risk is taken into account when developing inspection plans on equipment
Vibration Condition Monitoring System (VibraSolve) ·Condition monitoring system to analyse, monitor, record and manage the level of vibrations of equipment
·Manage data acquisition and processing, storage and retrieval, analyse data and generate reports

Internet and mobile application solutions

Telegistics Asia became our subsidiary in January 2015 and its principal business is to develop and supply internet and mobile application solutions, also referred to as web-based services mainly for commercial enterprises. The software products that were developed by Telegistics Asia include:

  • live internet broadcasting (Telegistics LiveStream); and
  • video web conferencing (Telegistics Web Conferencing).

Telegistics LiveStream and Telegistics Web Conferencing have reached commercialisation and have been awarded a certification from TÜV Rheinland, a provider of technical safety and certification services.

Telegistics LiveStream is a broadcasting system, which telecast live events on a dedicated web-site. In this respect, we have the facilities to provide broadcast crew equipped with video camera, IT infrastructure as well as broadcasting facilities to cater to events such as product launching, training and seminars, company announcements, press releases and signing ceremonies. Thus far, we have only provided this service to financial institutions.