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O&M Services

All our O&M revenue was derived from maintenance services, which include MRO of rotating equipment, IRM of static equipment and structures, and maintenance of process control and instrumentation.


As at July 2016, our O&M services are supported by five service centres in Malaysia, one service centre in Bahrain and one in the UAE. In countries where we do not have service centres, we undertake our services on-site or we utilise the facilities of our foreign strategic business partners who are also our customers.

Within O&M services, we undertake the following:

  • MRO of rotating equipment, which includes gas and steam turbines, engines, motors, pumps, compressors and industrial fans; and
  • IRM of static equipment and structures, which includes boilers and unfired pressure vessels, piping systems and structures.
  • Maintenance of process control and instrumentation.

The MRO and IRM services among others include site assessment and inspection, repair, servicing, maintenance and overhaul of the abovementioned equipment, and its related parts and components, recalibration and upgrade of process control and instrumentation, as well as structural repair and modification, surface preparation services, corrosion prevention and painting.