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Business strategies

As an international group serving global customers, Serba Dinamik overall business strategy is to continue to leverage from our core competencies operating within the O&G and power generation industries, and also owning assets that will diversify our revenue streams and drive our future business growth. This strategy will enlarge our target markets across diversified industries and geographic markets, and more importantly, provide business sustainability and growth. The following summarises our overall business strategies.

Deepening and widening our business activities.

Serba Dinamik offer a broader range of products and services across the lifecycle of an asset. As an example, within maintenance, we will expand from our MRO of rotating equipment and IRM of static equipment and structures to provide total plant and facility maintenance and turnaround. This incorporates instrumentation, piping systems, rejuvenation and upgrades of electrical and electronic devices and process control panels, corrosion prevention and minor fabrication. These areas are complementary to our core expertise in maintenance services and we would draw on our existing capabilities or work with partners to undertake such services. Under MRO of rotating equipment, we intend to extend our capabilities to cover marine engines and power generation facilities in large vessels, for example bulk cargo and container ships, and tankers.

We are expanding our asset owner business model.

One of our business strategies is to expand on our asset owner business model to grow our business. This will provide Serba Dinamik with the opportunity to enlarge and diversify our revenue streams by expanding our range of products and services. Part of our strategy is to develop and own an industrial park in East Malaysia incorporating a CUF providing electricity, steam, chilled water, demineralised water, wastewater treatment, industrial gases and compressed air. The development of the industrial park utilises our core competencies in EPCC for the development and construction of the industrial park and O&M for the maintenance of the CUF.

Extending our industry coverage.

Most of Serba Dinamik revenue is from the O&G industry, such as O&M services for O&G production platforms, crude O&G refineries, petrochemical manufacturing plants and LNG plants. Our business strategy is to continue our industry diversifications based on our expertise in O&M services and EPCC works, to cover other industries where we have established previous track record including pulp and paper, wastewater treatment, desalination, mining, petrochemicals, fertilisers and metals. This is possible as all these industries use rotating and static equipment.

Expanding our international markets.

For the FYE 2015, we served customers in markets including Southeast Asia (Malaysia and Indonesia), Central and South Asia (Turkmenistan and India), Middle East (Qatar, Oman, UAE, KSA, Kuwait and Bahrain) and Europe (UK). We will be using our existing markets as a base to extend our market coverage to other surrounding countries including the Gulf Cooperation Council, Middle East and European Union countries.

Growth through investment and acquisition.

In support of our business strategy and when the opportunity arises, we will continue to invest or acquire companies that are complementary or provide growth to our Group. We will explore business ventures which will add value to our supply chain and strengthen our position to become an international energy services group providing engineering solutions. Through our strategic investments and acquisitions, we expect to increase our resources, expand our products and services and tap into new customer base, industries and markets. This will provide us with new sources of income whilst leveraging on our existing expertise and business.