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Management succession plan

Managing succession is the cornerstone of Serba Dinamik strategic viability in ensuring business continuity through retention of high-value talent. It secures future leadership capability which is critical for driving organisational performance. Its process integrates the identification, assessment and development of talent with long-range strategic planning.

This approach involves the process where critical positions are identified and a talent pool from middle management and above is established. This talent pool of middle management is generally sourced from employees that are attached at the respective business units. Potential employees are then put through various assessment tests to identify leadership capabilities that could be harnessed for greater value which may fit the requirements of functional roles such as management and engineering at headquarters level. The talent pool is dynamic and is continuously assessed to ensure that the identified employees remain relevant to the needs of our Group, reach their full potential and are readily available to undertake leadership positions throughout our Group.

Our development programmes are designed and selected to ensure that our employees are provided with current and highly relevant personal development and self-enhancement programmes.

In our efforts to ensure business continuity, several approaches have been implemented, which include:

  • building a leadership pipeline/talent pool to ensure Serba Dinamik has talent readily available from a capability perspective to undertake leadership positions;
  • developing potential successors in ways that best fit their strengths by identifying key competencies and requirements for managers and higher positions. Job and candidate profiles are developed for management positions in line with the business goals, strategies and culture of Serba Dinamik; and
  • allocating adequate resources under the talent development programme to promising junior staff in order to enhance their management and technical skills for the purpose of career advancement within Serba Dinamik.
We ensure that our middle management personnel are constantly exposed to various aspects of our business activities. This enables our middle management personnel to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the required responsibilities and decision making process so that they are adequately equipped with the knowledge necessary for them to advance to higher senior management positions.